Whether you like it or not, planning and prioritizing well are essential for your successful day to flow into a successful week. Let’s start with priorities. Let’s try, like the American President Eisenhower to plan our work affairs and prioritize implementation. Try it, draw a square on the sheet and divide it so that we get 4 squares. In one box write “Urgent and important”, in the second — “Not urgent and important”, the third “Urgent, but not important”, and in the fourth “Not urgent and not important”.

Cases in the box «Not urgent and not important» — they must be abandoned immediately. Yes, such cases will always appear, but you yourself have prioritized — it is not urgent and not important. What is in the «Urgent, but not important» box — delegate to someone else. In the «Urgent and important» box, I wish the list of things to do here was minimal, since here are all our deadlines and projects that were not completed on time. But «Not urgent and important» is our most important square. This is that daily, perhaps routine work, but it provides a comfortable performance of your duties. This is your work base.

You can experiment and try to distribute in this way not only your work responsibilities, but, for example, homework or the work of «mum».

The formula is simple

The formula is simple: Want to keep up = less distractions. But here our scattered attention and time eaters come into battle — the main enemy of our success. The easiest and most effective way to find out where your precious minutes are wasting is to record each action and the time it was performed over several days. Literally everything: 5-minutes social races, web browsing / «just a glimpse», the amount of time your cup is in your hand. Leave “Soul Talk” and coffee for your lunch break. And you must understand that being constantly «head over heels at work» is not an indicator of your success. Rather, it is an indicator of your inefficiency in the workplace.

Finally stop waiting for Friday. Let’s calculate, there are 52 Fridays in the year. Subtract them from the total number of days in a year. Attention, question. Where did the remaining 313 days go? Did you miss them and missed them because you were looking forward to Friday? We need Friday to sum up the week, for planning, for meeting interesting people, if you plan to develop yourself and your business. Yes, it’s a great day of the week, but other days are just as good. Don’t forget this.

I remember myself not having time and working until late at night at home at the computer. «I am working». And then I read an interesting thought: «You don’t have time; it means you work badly. Try to say this phrase to yourself. What? Are you a good worker? Why do you also work at home? Maybe you will be trying to mobilize your strength and still work in the allotted time.

What we have today is the result of what we did yesterday. The next day, the list of to-dos that need to be completed, will be replenished with new tasks and there will be even more. Therefore, try to complete at least one complete task on your list. This will give you a sense of control over the situation.


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