I want to tell you where I disappeared to for such a long time — I opened an online handmade store! I did it! A lot of emotions and worries overwhelm me, but I did it.

But I going to tell you everything is in order. I am a creative person and have an art degree. Therefore, I can do many of techniques and types of needlework, knitting and crocheting, embroidery, machine embroidery as well. My diploma work at the university was an embroidered Ukrainian traditional scarf. I made it using machine stitch embroidery technique. Felting, decoupage — yes, please, it’s very interesting. I also perfectly do wood carving techniques, which, in fact, I taught the boys in school on the lessons.

Of course, I constantly tried to sell my work. I sewed clothes to order, paintings, using the batik technique, bags, using the “wet felting” technique (maybe I’ll return to it), children’s developing soft books. All this was interesting, and, most importantly, it was a great experience.

Tell me, do you like going to handmade fairs and sales? I like them very much! So many interesting ideas you can see and save in your creative treasury. This is what I call my notebook, where I sketch and write down everything interesting that I see. But what I don’t like about handmade fairs is the sloppiness and carelessness that can sometimes be seen. I believe that slight negligence looks nice only in authentic works. For example, the woven rugs I saw recently here in Malta. And next to the rugs there was a machine on which they were immediately woven, also handmade yarn and ribbons for spinning from old fabric.

Therefore, the conclusion is simple — handmade work must be done at a high level. There simply cannot be any other options.

I love my job

I enjoy cleaning and organizing space, within reason, of course. The topics about recycling and overconsumption I often discuss in my articles, you can find them here and here. Therefore, I decided to sell products that will help organize space in the house. These are baskets, bowls, tea rugs, laundry baskets (I’m currently preparing a collection) and, of course, my favourite bags. I did all this with my own hands. The products have different textures, it depends on the source material — the cord. Sketches and search for new and convenient shapes, colours, sizes. I’m proud to say that almost all of the products in my store are made from 100% recycled cotton.

I named my store FishkabySvitlana. I invite you look at my collection.

Look forward to your comment. Did you like it? What didn’t you like? Thank you for staying with me and continuing to read me.

P.S. But, as you guessed, that’s not all I’ve been busy with all this time. I prepared for and passed the UK naturalization test Life in the UK!!!!!! I will write more about this in upcoming articles.


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