Order at work is necessary if you do not want to spend all night at work. And in order for your successful working day to flow into a successful week, you need not only planning, but also knowledge in the «face of time eaters», according to the principle of «Know and neutralize».

Social network. They are just some kinds of huge snowballs that grow, absorbing us more and more. Fighting off unnecessary ads and maintaining order in your social bubble is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, to reduce dependence on the social network, try to conduct a test «Who cares?» For each message in your feed.

Read the post and ask yourself if the «Who cares» comment is appropriate. For example, Paris Hilton changed 6 outfits on her wedding day. Who cares? It can even be fun. Check out a few of the posts in the feed. Maybe even cheer yourself up. Close this network and do something else.

By the way, if you can ask this question for most of the posts in your feed, it suggests that you need to start cleaning up your feed space.

Emails. Oh, yes, they have already firmly entered our life. But reading them takes a very long time. Therefore, first of all, get yourself at least 2 different mailboxes. One, for example, for personal use, the other — only work letters. Check it works! And start your work day only by looking at your work mailbox. Check letters in a personal mailbox that are postponed and viewed during the break.

A well-known phrase says: «If I had more time, I would write you a shorter letter.» People usually do not spend a lot of time thinking about letters, as a result they turn out to be blurry, it is difficult to understand them – that’s what they want, in fact. Try writing letters with 5 sentences:

  1. Hello/ hi
  2. What are you sending?
  3. Required details if needed
  4. Call to action / ask for advice
  5. Goodbye

Plus, multitasking

Are you also required at work to solve several issues at the same time? Yes, of course, we are capable of such feats. The question is different. How well we do it and how long we can withstand working in this mode.

“In the world of texting, tweeting, and twerking you grew up in, remember that doing a lot of things doesn’t mean you actually do a lot”.
— Denzel Washington, actor and director

Therefore, talking on the phone and trying to write a letter at the same time, of course, you will look (the key word is look!) like a very busy person. But, most likely, you won’t remember half of the call and will you write a letter? Doubtful. Therefore, do things consistently.

Organize your working papers on your computer. Create your own file tree. For example, 3 folders «Current», «Old», «Developing». And so on. You can also create your own tree and divide documents by year, month.

Whether you are a freelancer or an employee, try to work in the allotted time. You are a professional and you have all the available tools in your hands. But, if, nevertheless, waking up in the morning you think: «How long can I last this way?» This is about the feasibility of finding such a job. But more on that later.


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