I want to share with you one useful phycological trick «The power of yet». Some time we stuck in a middle of route to achieving goal. Someone decide to stop, — its not for me, even the goal so desire!

So, why wouldn’t to focus your growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset (yes, I’m failed and weak). You a not a weak person. Growth mindset its means you a working and trying to solve your problem even if you a failed some times. So try to use The Power of Yet.

For example, you tried to lose weight and not so successful as you wanted? Its Ok, try to accept this situation Yes, I didn’t lost 10 ponds for 1 month, as I had planned, not YET. But I will continue my work and lost its for 1,5 month.

Its statement sound in a different way, doesn’t? You are «not close the door» your plans, you accept it and give yourself time.

So, instead of:
I can’t do it.

Say it:
I can’t do it yet.

Its just simple «magic». Please, don’t be afraid! You can do it! Just try and no stop!


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