With such a phenomenon as a professional burnout, I am familiar not only from books, and ways to deal with this phenomenon are still relevant for me. Since «thanks» to professional burnout, I quit my job for 3 years and literally went nowhere. Yes, today, I have a favourite job, I have time for myself, for my development. I have time to live.

So, what are we doing that leads to burnout?

— Your life is just work. You think about it all the time! But how else, without you, the project will not be submitted over on time, and the report will be with errors. What? Interest in work disappears, and the amount of coffee drunk increases due to a decrease in concentration? You are on the right way!

— Do you think that friends who invite you to nature weekends are timewasters? You can use this time more efficiently. For example, to write a report at home.

— Do you get the feeling that you are not appreciated at work? And maybe even throw a few tasks? Not enough working time? Then see the point above.

— If you think that doing a hobby is a waste of time, that’s a problem.

— A night’s sleep of at least 7 hours is an unaffordable luxury for you!? After all, you can do useful things, such as working with documents. Especially when after the coronavirus infection and many people moved to the home office. Therefore, a couple of hours plus working time — who will feel bad about this? (Spoiler — you!).

— And even if your body sends you alarming signals such as a headache, indigestion or insomnia, keep up the good work. Do not dare to delegate work to anyone! Do it all by yourself.

Of course, you understand that everything that is written above is how not to do it. Because burnout is, first of all, devastation. What’s going on:

— Because you’ve lost value in your work. Ideas and energy don’t come from you, and time at work stretches endlessly.

— At work, you «keep a mask» — everything is fine with you, you are the soul of the company, you will support a colleague, you will advise. But at home — emptiness and lying on the couch and looking at one point. It was like this in my case.

 -You do not understand what awaits you in the future at your job. Where to go next.

— No result. And without motivation and understanding of what you are doing in your workplace, there is no career. There is no development.

What can you do?

According to statistics, professional burnout is usually prone to professions that belong to the group «person to person». That is, on duty, there is a constant communication with people and the exchange of information. Doctors, teachers and educators, trade workers and psychologists (!), librarians and trainers. General recommendations for yours:

— For relaxation and recovery, use activities that do not need a lot of communication. Perhaps what you need is not a picnic with friends, but a quiet walk in the park or a visit to an exhibition. Or just sit in a café with an interesting book.

— I am not talking now about the importance of sports — we all know about it. But if you get off public transport a few stops early and walk, believe me, your body will only thank you.

— Find time for yourself and your creativity. Absolutely anyone can, no matter what. The main time that you can devote only to it and yourself.

— And don’t forget about information hygiene.


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