These cosy towns of Portrush and Portstewart, Northern Ireland deserve to be told about in more detail. They are lovely and cosy, smelling of the sea and delicious fragrant coffee with fudge desserts. The prices are quite reasonable. These are small towns that come alive in the summer, and almost empty in the autumn-winter period. Portrush and Portstewart are clean and cosy, and the waterfronts are adorned with cute handmade garlands. And what a pleasure it is just to sit on the beach with a cup of coffee! Last year we were in Northern Ireland too. You can watch my amateur video about my trip here.


Portrush is a town on the Atlantic coast, where the tourist season is very short June-August. You can walk along the long beach, surfing and playing golf. Or you can just sit on the open terrace of the café, exposing your face to the northern sun.


Portstewart is 5 km away from Portrush. If you could imagine what delicious ice cream is in Morellis Cafe, which was opened back in 1911!!! When you get inside, there is a festive feeling, thanks to the colours, lighting and posters that tell the story of the Morellis family. Ice cream here is not cheap — the average price of a large bowl with fruits and berries (pictured below) will cost about $10. But, it’s so delicious!

The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway Nature Reserve is located approximately 15 km from Portrush. There are approximately 40,000 interconnected basalt columns, formed as a result of an ancient eruption of an underwater volcano. Walking around the reserve without a guide is free. But if you come by your own transport, you will need to pay $12 for parking your car (last year it was $7). And there is also a service — a walk with a guide. And the price will be around $20 per person.

See you next year, Northern Ireland!


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