I had the opportunity to visit Madeira — an island in the Atlantic Ocean. The island is part of Portugal and, accordingly, the local population speaks Portuguese. Getting to Madeira will not be difficult — 1.5-hour flight Lisbon — Madeira. Before the covid period, there was a ferry between the main part of Portugal and Madeira. Unfortunately, this option is currently not available. Oh, by the way, Madeira has Cristiano Ronaldo Airport! (Who does not know this famous football player). So,

We are in Madeira!

Madeira has Cristiano Ronaldo Airport

Funchal is the capital of Madeira and the largest city of the island — about 110,000 people. The island  can be divided into northern and southern parts. The northern part is rainier and colder. In this part of the island, the towns are quite small — the population is mostly no more than 1000 people. All the main island life is concentrated in the southern part.


In Funchal, to visit market Mercado dos Lavradores is a must for any tourist. It is stunning with its aromas and bright colours, fruits and spices, seeds and flowers, fish and sauces. And yes, chili peppers!

Luxurious landscapes

Madeira is also called the «Island of God». And when you get there, you understand — yes, it is! Incredible, stunning, luxurious, mesmerizing landscapes. My brother said: «I can’t even believe that it can be SO beautiful!» But it is! See it yourself!

And flowers

A funny thing happened with me

There is in the northern part of the island the village of Porto Moniz (1700 inhabitants) and it has a shelter for turtles. You can make donations for this shelter. Just imagine, you see the arena where to walks a huge turtle name Justine. I gave some money and the shelter worker allowed me to feed Justine with a leaf of lettuce. Justine swallowed the leaf without chewing))) and approached my fingers with alarming speed. Hum, hum, hum! Clap — my finger! Have you ever pinched your fingers in doors? That’s about it. Painful? — undoubtedly, everyone froze, looking at me, and I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. I chose to laugh!

It is Justine

I hope you enjoyed the article. Are there any downsides to staying in Madeira? Oh, sure. If you have any questions – write to me, I will share with my experience. And yes, there are some my amateur videos, just now I am working on the next article.

See you. Take care of yourself.


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