I have always loved to read. But over time, the themes and genres have changed. You can gain a lot of new knowledge. Tell me, how do you react to insults and being offended? I confess that for a very long time I was simply silent and tried to minimize my communication with that person. That was fundamentally wrong.

You can even insult someone with a glance, or a carelessly thrown word, or a laugh behind their back. William Irwin, a modern philosopher, suggests striving for serenity (I think this is quite difficult).

So, colleagues, friends and even relatives can make us laugh. I remembered a case some time ago. I lived quite far from work and in the cold season I always wore trousers. It was comfortable, and most importantly, not cold. One of my colleagues spoke bluntly about my appearance: «She does not wear skirts because she has no money for tights.» Many years have passed since then, and, of course, I am not deliberately keeping all this in my head. But, now, I remembered …

What should we do in such cases? Just don’t be offended.

We can pause and take a deep breath. Indeed, very often insults can make us angry. Anger is a bad advisor! Therefore, calmness, and only calmness can work. Take a step back and think, maybe are they … .. right?

With a pause, you can also think about whether a person really knows what they are talking about and correct it if necessary. But do it calmly.

And it can happen that a person whom you do not respect and simply consider incompetent, condemns your actions and thoughts. What can I say. You need to be happy in yourself. It means that you are doing the absolutely opposite of what they wrongly think, which is positive in itself.

If you want, you can feel sorry for the offender. Indeed, often those who offend us are themselves often victims of insults.

Just by listing all these methods, a thought crept into my head. Isn’t this passive? This is how you could react — calm, dignified and civilised. After all, there are often situations when people are so stupid that they simply do not understand your feelings and thoughts. So there is another option. We must answer them otherwise, your silence or a joking answer can only fuel to the fire of rudeness. However, this should not be a punishment for an insult, but to correct their social behavior.

P.S. In general, I want to end the article with the words that I heard on A. Safin’s wonderful YouTube channel: “The one who is offended is glad to be offended”. Think about it. And don’t be offended.


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