Have you ever noticed how pleasant it is just to walk? No shopping, but just walking.
Trust me — it’s wonderful. How did I come to realise this? I’ll tell you now. Perhaps you will be inspired.

Three years ago I got my first fitness bracelet. Yes, I even sleep with it. How else could I check what phases of sleep
there are that are active? But, the most important thing that interested me in this
bracelet was counting the number of steps and how many calories were spent.
Many online sources provide advice on the minimum number of steps you should take.
The figure ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 a day.
But, of course, all individuals are different and you should only work towards your own well-being. So that’s walking.
On my fitness bracelet, I set my target at 10,000 steps a day.

I had a quiet office job and if on a certain day I didn’t go to my workouts, there were very few steps on my tracker.
I corrected the situation with walks and some tricks. For example, I would go to the bus stop that is a
little further from my house. I’d get off the bus in the evening a few stops earlier than I needed to.
My walking time was a great opportunity to take a break from the usual work routine. And it worked!

The pandemic, of course, has made some changes in people’s lives. But this is not a reason to stop, just the opposite in fact.

Recently I found out how to concentrate on walking.
People generally consider walking on water or air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is walking carefully
on the ground. Every day a miracle happens to us that we don’t even realise: blue skies, white clouds, green trees,
having the curiousity of a child with our own eyes and our movement on the ground. This is a miracle. (Titus Nat Khan).


  • Try to relax while walking and let go of any thoughts about the past or the future. Be there now.
  • Feel your feet firmly in contact with the ground. I wonder how many steps you can take?
  • Pay attention to how your leg moves and which joints and muscles are involved.
    What movements do your hands do at the same time?
  • Try to slow down and enjoy the moment. Because careful — walking can change our habit of constantly running somewhere.
    It’s a kind of meditation.

Try to walk carefully for 2 weeks and observe how you feel. Has walking changed for you? How do you feel about it?
And I am sure you can quickly hit your daily target of steps.

P.S. Did you know that some European companies even hold competitions and measure the number of steps.
Who will take more steps in a day? Can you imagine — an interesting initiative and perhaps soon we will also hear
about such competitions at home.
Walk your way to health and happiness!


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