Almost 2 years have passed since the word «enough» appeared in my life. I can safely say that I am gradually
becoming a conscious consumer and I’ve almost stopped making impulsive purchases.
Yes, it was a victory for me but now I’ll tell you that it was not my deliberate choice nor was the decision
which I gradually came to.

Let me explain — you can read it here.
By the summer of 2021, I was able to sort out my wardrobe. I was planning to sell something but it didn’t work out.
The nice thing is that I managed to donate some things, and just threw some out. (I can’t understand why I kept them!)

I realised how much money I had just «thrown into the air» over time even when I didn’t have much.
Even since I have donated so many things, I’ve alway had enough to be dressed properly.
Sales — this was once a magic word for my ear but they are gone from my life now.
I don’t need them anymore and with a basic wardrobe in mind, it’s easy to plan your purchases (if you really need them).

So this is what I know.

  • Stop impulse buying. So now I almost never succumb to the excitement of shopping with a friend and don’t
    buy on a whim. If I don’t need it, no one will persuade me to buy it.
  • Consider creating your own basic wardrobe. You will feel the savings literally next season and when you only need to
    purchase a new T-shirt for your favorite jeans, just buy that only and you will be fashionably and freshly dressed.
  • Try experimenting. Live, for example, a month or two without shopping. Maybe someone will be really brave and
    give up shopping for half a year? We don’t buy clothes and shoes unless we absolutely need to.
    But of course, products are not included in this.
  • Cosmetics — I’ll buy only if I run out of them and not this «wonderful mascara at a discount».
    I discovered a novelty for myself. Solid shampoo. Just think — no plastic packaging and this type of soap foams very well
    and is economical. So check and review your range of beauty products.
    Are you sure you use everything or are you a «victim of advertising»?

I did it too

  • How do you like the idea of limiting takeout coffee purchases? Yes, imagine, I wrote this — a devoted coffee
    lover. Last year I received a coffee machine for my birthday and only when I myself started making coffee at
    home, I realised how difficult it is to find really tasty coffee in a coffee shop.
    Also it was not in a glass, but in a ceramic cup in my home and not sitting on the street at a table. Honestly, this
    discovery began to save me a significant amount of money.
  • I read a lot. I discovered e-books for myself. Yes, I know that many will argue that it is harmful to your eyes and
    you can’t hold an e-book in your hands and turn the page! This is all true.
    But buying e-books allows me to save money, not to clutter my home and not to sit and accumulate dust. This is very important
    for my city.

These are the small discoveries I have made and it’s very pleasing to know that you are now consciously making your
own choices — «To buy or not to buy!»
Or have you decided that you’ve enough already. Allow yourself to buy when you need to and only what you really need.
Make the change now.


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