Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, «fog» in the head, sweating and frequent desire to go to the toilet. Do you know what about it? Yes, that’s right, anxiety crept in. And also, are added a decrease in concentration, obsessive thoughts, aggressiveness, or, conversely, apathy.

What can we do with it? I found and reviewed a lot of information. Yes, that’s right: and breathing exercises will help to cope with panic attacks, as well as walking in fresh water, playing sports. But I highlighted:

2 ways to deal with anxiety, I will share with you:

  • Try to compensate for the chaos in your head by restoring order in another area. Or, to put it simply, clean up. You know it helps. And get rid of the chaos on the table. Research at Princeton University has proven a direct link between decreased productivity and desk chaos. In the same way, the order on the table makes our thoughts clear, and calms our inner voice.
  • This is, oddly enough, needlework. Yes, needlework is soothing, thanks to the focus on the process. When we are busy with work, our thoughts are distracted from unpleasant and stressful thoughts. And doing repetitive, monotonous tasks like knitting or embroidery, for example, can soothe and let us relax.

For myself, I discovered such a type of needlework as cross-stitch. If I had been told a couple of years ago: “Sveta, you will start cross-stitching,” I would not have believed it. And today I will show you, my work. This is my second job! Yes, I liked to sit over the embroidery, pick up the colour, make mistakes and correct them. This is a long process. Of course, not everything is going smoothly yet, but. It was a pleasant process that helped me cope with my anxiety, I recommend it.

P.S. How do you deal with anxiety? Share your recipe.

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