Aaaaaaaaah, catastrophe, I gained weight, I don’t look as attractive as I would like to. Or how else can you describe that feeling when a blouse doesn’t sit right on you. And this is in the summer at the beginning of July. Can you imagine!?

I gained weight despite regular exercise. I love the fitness classes at Pure Gum, the hot trainers that push you to the max on your bikes. I attend a fitness class 5 (!) times a week, but still, it did not give me an effective result in weight control. But, if be honest, there is a very big plus — the systematic exercises in the cycle class really tightened my legs, and they look great in a short. I am not saying that sports is nonsense. No. But to count on the fact that by visiting the gym you can lose weight — unfortunately this is not the case.

Food is important in weight control. I am not a nutritionist and cannot give you advice, but sharing experience is a pleasure. Diets are rubbish. Tablets, I think, are even worse. I open Facebook and see lots of ads for «miracle pills» for weight loss. And I always remember the situation from the 90s, when these “magic” pills first appeared. Now I’ll tell you.

In the 90s we went to the village for the summer. And my mother knew a rural woman who dreamed of losing weight. Diet pills are on the market. She was able to buy them. True, it cost her a whole cow! Imagine she sold a cow to buy these pills. What can I say. She really lost weight and updated her wardrobe. She even bought even smaller clothes, for future weight loss.

The woman was happy. But, as you may have guessed, everything was fine as long as she took the pills. When the proceeds from the sale of the cow ran out, and she could no longer buy them, the weight loss also ended. The end result was sad. Not only a return to the previous weight, but also an increase even more than it was.

My lessons

It’s funny that in our time, there are still naive people who believe in «miracle pills.»

I really like that in almost all English coffee houses there are a the calorie content of the product, whether it be a muffin, a piece of cake or coffee. It is sound funny, but when I see the calorie content of a slice of lemon cake at 725 kcal, the desire to consume it disappears immediately. But what always surprises me is the calorie content of coffee. I drink unsweetened coffee.

Sometimes I choose americano with milk, sometimes — latte. And I just can’t understand where the calorie content of 250 kcal latte comes from. According to the latte recipe, you need 50-60 espresso, which is practically 0 kcal and 100-180 milk, the calorie content of semi-fat milk is 42. Well, I agree, sometimes I take a large cup of latte — a double portion of milk, 84 kcal plus espresso — should be about 100 — 120 kcal, but where did all 250 come from ?!

What lessons have I learned from my weight gain?

  • First of all, yes, I gained weight, but I won’t “hang my nose”. I will enjoy sunny summer days.
  • Sport? Of course!
  • If your husband tells you that you are perfection itself, then it is so. Don`t doubt it!
  • And more fruit and vegetables, dear.

Maya Plisetskaya’s quote comes to mind: «You don’t need to diet, you need to eat less.» At first, I was even outraged by such a rude wording. But life has shown me that this is true. Especially if you are inclined to be overweight, like me, constant monitoring is necessary to keep yourself in shape. And you know, all this can be turned into an exciting life challenge. What interesting food to cook next?


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