On that Sunday, when I stopped waiting with horror for morning Monday, my attitude towards my life and work, yes, and towards myself, also changed.

I’ve been dreading Mondays for a long time. It got to the point that every Monday, on the way to work, I had an unbearable headache. Even at once I could not understand what was the matter. Furthermore. I had a fixed work schedule, 5 days work and 2 days off. It would seem — rejoice. But no. Gradually, the fear of Monday swallowed up even the joy of the day off Sunday. In the afternoon, my mood plummeted catastrophically. Even the planned meetings with friends over a cup of coffee did not help. I just gradually began to cancel them. Because I have to work tomorrow!

Something had to be done about all this and immediately. And, perhaps, the most unexpected step was my decision to enrol in a fitness class that began on Saturday at 8.30! Can you imagine? For many years, my workouts took place in the evening. And I sincerely did not understand — who goes there, to these morning workouts? So early?! It turned out they were walking. And quite a lot. This habit has stayed with me. And now, even having moved to live in another country, I still found an option for myself to attend morning classes on Saturday and Sunday. I recommend it!

Do you also have a habit of setting your alarm clock 5 minutes later? Especially on a Monday morning. And how does it help? Does it really help you and you do not feel remorse while half asleep? This option has never worked for me. Between sleeping another 5 minutes or drinking a morning cup of fragrant, freshly ground coffee — always outweighed the latter.

Don’t ruin your weekend — live!

  • Don’t miss meeting up with friends on Sunday. But do not plan an evening movie show and a glass of beer with friends. So, you will definitely do yourself a disservice. You wanted to look at «all 100%» in the morning. Did you remember about it?
  • Weekend morning workouts — Yes! They can wake you up, gather your thoughts. You can do everything you planned and even more. I’ve personally verified it. Try it.
  • Review your homework schedule. Why not consider, as an option, moving the main wash and cleaning to Wednesday-Thursday-Friday.
  • Alarm. If your fatigue has developed into chronic, 2 days will not help you. Therefore, you can’t just sleep off on the weekend. Here we need a completely different approach. Therefore, I recommend setting an alarm as well. Yes, 1-1.5 hours later than usual. This will give you a sense of control over the situation.
  • If you can’t get rid of the habit of rearranging your alarm clock, start small. Start with a minute. Minutes down. Do not rush immediately «in the pool with your head.»

So, what is next?

Yes, not immediately, not in one day, you will learn to love and be friendly with Monday. But, the doors of positive changes open from within (A. Safin).

Today, I sincerely do not understand memes about “hard Monday” and “Wednesday is a little Friday”, or “until spring there is left …. days.» But how does your life go in time periods until Wednesday or until spring? Does this mean for you that nothing interesting will happen on Tuesday or February 28? What do you think? Share?


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