I agree, autumn is not only about swirling golden leaves and yellow chrysanthemums. It is also dullness, rain and chilly wind. Let’s cheer ourselves up. Let’s try to create comfort for ourselves and around us. There are several easy ways.

Communication. Where would we be without it. Include in your obligatory «sociable» diet those only superficial conversations such as «about the weather.» And devote at least 15 minutes a day to more meaningful conversations, which implies the exchange of opinions and information, discussion of news (although, I think, the topic of news has not been able to cheer us up lately).

Have a cup of hot tea. Yes, I am a «coffee lover», but I will not refuse a cup of delicious tea. A cup of tea is capable of both relaxing a person and setting them up for work. Recent research has shown that some teas even help promote health.

Make time for a hobby. There is only one condition. A hobby should not be about overcoming difficulties. For example, as sports activities and various kinds of competitions. Your hobby should help you relax and calm down. Choose for yourself what will completely absorb you.

Master class «Cushion»

Knitting is soothing. And it allows you to create truly original things that add cosiness to the house. I bring to your attention a very light pattern that I used to knit my cushion. Even a beginner can handle this pattern.

«Honeycomb» pattern.

1 row — front loops

2 row — purl loops

3 row — 1 front loop, 1 loop we reshoot on the right knitting needle, not tied (the thread is at this moment behind the work). And so on until the end of the row.

4 row — remove the loop removed in the previous row again untied, but the thread is in front of work, 1 front loop. And so on until the end of the row.

5 row — we repeat everything from the 1st row.

Look at my cushion.

P.S. Share in the comments how you cheer yourself up on a gloomy day.


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