We all want to be happy, so what is your happiness? What is its colour and smell? Traditionally, people in northern countries are considered to be happier. How do you think it is possible to maintain a balance between short daylight hours and inclement weather? Of course, there is only one way out — to be happy. Think about it, but for now read about the Italian philosophy of happiness.

The Italian philosophy of happiness or Bella Figura literally, if translated from the Italian language — «a beautiful figure». In the book «Eat, Pray, Love» E. Gilbert perfectly described the principles of Italian happiness. This is the enjoyment of delicious food. But how often you can afford it? A slow-paced life. What for? You already have time for everything – for family and, most importantly, yourself.

Japanese philosophy of happiness or «ikigai» — something worth waking up for in the morning. What colours your life and what will shine today? «Iki» is life, «gai» is the reason. Each has its own reason, its own ikigai. It’s simple, live in the here and now. Allow yourself daily little joys such as a cup of tea, a book, a pleasant communication, or a delicious breakfast. Don’t rush things. Everything will happen as it should. Allow new knowledge to enter your life. After all, something new is movement, and movement is life.

Danish philosophy of happiness “hugge”. Denmark is a country where in winter the night lasts 17 hours and the average air temperature is about 0C. Despite such natural indicators, the Danes are among the three happiest people in the world. It’s simple — live hugge. It is like the smell of homemade bread and pastries. It’s also a warm, cosy meeting with pleasant communication, or delicious tea and simple food or even family evenings and cinema trips.

Happiness is different for everyone. It is, it exists, just look closely. And, in spite of the fact that very soon the autumn rainy-chilly weather will come, when you don’t want to go out, maybe it’s still worth it? Just try it.


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