Today, bad news prevails across the media. It is becoming more and more difficult to cope with the negativity pouring into our eyes from various screens. And first thing in the morning if you, like me, for example, read the news or you can’t get away from the news sites then, most likely, you should think about your information hygiene. Or simply Infogyene!

We read and absorb information and empathize with what is happening. Against this background, increased anxiety may develop. Why is this happening? Because we pile this negative information onto ourselves and we imagine ourselves in the place of those people. And we begin to worry about our future. So what can we do?

  • I do not urge you to completely isolate yourself from the news. That’s impossible. After all, we must know and understand the situation around us. But it might be worth changing the settings of your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Leave only verified news sites — choose professionals.
  • Try to break your social media bubble. Let various topics, not just news, appear on your social media. Here are some simple tips for breaking out of the social media bubble.

And also

  • Also, when reading negative news, one should clearly understand that we are not «Superman», and we cannot save the whole world. And we cannot influence, for example, the situation in Afghanistan or the rise in food prices. But we control how our family, our loved ones and friends feel. It is in our power to choose what information we absorb.
  • Stop identifying with negative news situations. You are not there. And they are not in yours. Everyone is where they should be.
  • Psychologists recommend the Decision Tree exercise. If you notice a feeling of helplessness in yourself after receiving information, try to clearly articulate what it is. Then answer the question: «Can I do something about this problem?» If not, then try to switch to what is important to you in other areas of your life, which you can really influence. If your answer is yes, then consider the list of options. «What can you really do in this situation.» Then determine what you can do right now. If you can’t, then make a plan for future action and focus on what is important and relevant. If you can, then put into action right now what you wrote in your plan in the previous step.
  • And finally, set timers and limit your exposure to the news.

I had a very interesting thought: «We are the result of all the information that we have consumed on our path in life.» That is something to think about. Load up on pleasant information. Don’t read bad news.


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