At last, at the state level, they are beginning to think about the problem of plastic bags.
Bags are everywhere and honestly very annoying.
It’s good to read the news that a ban on the use of these bags has been
agreed at the state level.
In the future, only biodegradable bags can be used. The alternative of continuing with plastic bags
is unacceptable and let’s hope that we will move away from them altogether.

According to new studies, there are up to 14 tons of microplastics at the bottom of the oceans.
Just imagine these numbers and according to The Guardian, most of this plastic debris is less than 5mm.
Also, keep in mind that microplastics are tiny particles of plastic mainly from synthetic clothing.
But the good news is that more and more clothing manufacturers are taking responsibility for tackling this problem.
They are choosing ways to reduce the use of synthetics or using filters for microplastics.
And this is the first good news.

The second good news

And the second good news is that upcycling is gradually entering our lives.
This has been steady trend for 2021 and is the creation of new things from the old. Why not!
This gives our old things new life. Remember the great use of old jeans?
Cut off the top and sew on them to any length. Everything can be used! The skirt is ready for upcycling too.
So the world famous brand of Levis has a platform where everyone can get ideas for reworking their
old denim clothes. It’s just a great fashion idea.

And that’s really great. Eco-friendly ideas are gradually being introduced into our lives.
We have already begun to think about over-consumption and now we are learning to sort the garbage.

So to end, it’s time to get out my sewing machine and try sewing some eco-friendly vegetable bags for my shopping trip.

«Reducing our food footprint» (this will be a another article).
Ideas are already swarming through my head.


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