An interesting post by a psychologist caught my eye. It was about activity and inactive people, willpower and how an author was tired looking at their joyful faces in social networks. “Red tomatoes” (an interesting turn of speech — I liked it) also flew in the direction of motivating stories «I did it! Can you?». Here I agree — most such stories are nonsense with clearly edited photographs. And when I see ads in the style of «I am a housewife and I was able to earn € 100,000 from scratch in 1 month,» I remember a funny incident in my life. It happened a long time ago, more than 15 years ago, but I still find it funny.

Women’s magazines with useful tips for all occasions had just come into fashion. I liked the magazine «The Only One», I wonder if it still exists today? At the end of each issue was the announcement of the articles of the next issue. I remember my eyes lit up: the article «How to collect money for a trip to Paris.» Let me remind you that this happened more than 15 years ago, there is no visa-free regime in Ukraine yet. In general, I was waiting for this number! I opened it, I read it, and, as I remember now, I began to smile.

Do you like read?

Indeed, there was an article and there were tips. Everything is easy and simple. But, one of the first tips was: Skip the coffee you buy on your way to work. Great advice, isn’t it? But the fact is that 15 years ago in my hometown, which is a big city, coffee shops were just beginning to open. And just to buy myself a cup of coffee on the way to work was out of the question. So, yes, the advice turned out to be very «relevant».

Unfortunately, there are many such articles and books about anything too. The parents of my classmate were delighted with R. Kiyosaki’s book «Rich Dad. Poor Dad.» Every time they were advised to read it: «The eyes will open straight to the world.» Bought and read. What can I say. I couldn’t even draw a parallel between what is described in the book and my reality. Not to mention the inspiration and advice given in the book. Of course, you may not agree with me. And I would be interested to know if you have read this book and liked it. Did you really like it? What moments were precious to you?

There is no willpower…

There are lots of rubbish books. But in order to find and understand the rational in the book, your critical thinking is just what is needed. Analyse always. Learn to ask uncomfortable questions. And I am also grateful that at the university I studied such an incomprehensible, seemingly at that time, subject of logic. And you know, today, when reading or listening to an interview, you just want to laugh, because the elementary logical chain of conversation is most often broken, it would seem in elementary questions.

«There is no willpower,» says the author in a Facebook article. But I don’t agree with him. And you? What exists? What about desires and goals? And your inner resource, your readiness for action, determination for action, your willpower. Motivation?

It’s nice to find creative people inspired by their work on the Internet. You were inspired by their experience — try to do it. Try, for example, cleaning your house like Marie Kondo or baking a Victoria cake like Mary Berry. Yes, of course, the interiors in the book by M. Kondo are incredible and you can just look at them, smile and meditate (just kidding). I don’t have this kind of interior yet. Yet. Motivation for me? Yes! Why not get inspired?

For yourself

There are many worthy people from whom you want to take an example. And not at all in order to shine on pages in social networks. But for your life such as a deliciously cooked dinner, a clean house, a dress tailored for the summer. Something for yourself.

In the meantime, try making your bed in the morning. In a speech to the 2014 University of Texas alumni, Admiral William McRaven said, “Making your bed helps you understand that the little things can’t be overlooked. But if on one of your bad days you come home and see a bed made — you made — a bed, it will inspire you and give you hope for a better tomorrow” (from the book Mental Reboot).

And to create a cake «Victoria». Why not?


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