Have you ever wondered how much emotions mean in our lives. Think for yourself, because everything we do in life is due to emotions. If we feel unhappy or happy — we buy a cake and eat sorrows, do shopping, change hairstyles, repairs in a flat, buy phones, holidays, etc.

An interesting thing happened to me over the weekend. I changed my Facebook photo since I did it the last time 3 years ago. It would seem, what is so special here? I have enough friends and there were nice comments under the photo, thanks. But one of the first comments was negative from a classmate of mine who I haven’t seen since graduation. It was such a long time ago. She doesn’t know anything about my life, I don’t know anything about hers, only sometimes I tagged her photos.

She left under my photo a negative comment. Do you know what my first emotion was? I was surprised. But even 2-3 years ago, I most likely would have been angry, I would even have written something caustic in response. But not now. Of course, I confess, several thoughts flashed through my head, but the voice of a reason won. If you are negatively assessed out loud, then this is the emotional scum of a person. So why should I react to it? Why should I be «provoked» because of the incomprehensible emotional state of an absolutely stranger?

Learning to Raise Your Emotional Tone

I want to share with you the scale of emotional tones that I learned at a lecture by psychologist Natalia Kholodenko. Psychologists count up to 500 different emotions! During the day, our emotions can jump up and down to 10 times. But we need to learn to understand and realise what and why is happening now, how you got into this or that emotion, and what to do now. It is important to maintain your positive emotional tone not by eating or drinking, but by redirecting them. By the way, some people raise their emotional tone when they «spoil» others. Hidden or purposefully.

Think about what can raise your emotional tone? Try to come up with at least 20 activities. For example, drawing, dancing, coffee, tea, watching movies (it would be nice to make your own film library), knitting (Oh! Now I am knitting a jumper, I unravelled it and tied it up at least 10 times, I will definitely show it). Embroidery or baking, a walk in the park, reading. It is difficult to catch a person, who reading and critically thinking, into a manipulation trap.

Follow those people who have a high emotional tone, someone who can pull you along.

P.S. In subsequent articles, I will focus on deciphering the emotional tone scale. Interestingly, how do you understand the emotion “conservatism”? Write in the comments.


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