Or maybe you’re a kidult too, and I’m trying to tell you about them? Haven’t heard, don’t you know? Kidult is an “adult child” who took his childhood habits with him into adulthood.

Millennials, or Generation Y, are people were born between 1984-2000. They are special. Their formation as a person was influenced by the rapid development of the Internet, pagers, mobile phones and computer games. The term kidult first appeared in 1985 in The New York Times, where it was the article about young, 30-year-old men who cannot quit comics, computer games and other teenage entertainment in their adult life. It is believed that the main feature of kidult is infantile behaviours. But this point of view is most often expressed by the older generation. For them, an accomplished person is one who, by the age of 30, was already officially married, had his own housing, work, and children. Well, things change and evolve. And the priorities are different.

The kidult grew up, but the toys remained with them, only they became more expensive and more fancy. Kidults, as a rule, are wealthy people. And they can spend a significant amount on their toys.

Therefore, kidults are just a godsend for marketers. After all, they will not wait for sales and discounts. Everything new should be with them immediately! Do you remember those crowds of young people languishing under the doors of the Apple store, eager to buy a new model of phone? And packaging. Exquisite packaging is as important as what’s underneath. Therefore, if you are developing your own business, always keep this in mind. Since having satisfied the purchase of one kidult, be sure that he will bring you his friends too.

But the most receptive to advertising, according to marketers, is generation X (born in the period 1964-1984). What generation do you consider yourself to be? And is it easy to catch you on advertising hooks?

Sicily and Mount Etna

Mount Etna

One of the stops on our business trip was Sicily. Sicily is a fascinating place, only the roads are not very good. But it didn’t matter to me. When you see this nature, it really takes your breath away. This is Mount Etna. The highest volcano in Europe, its circumference is 140 km. It is located in the eastern part of the island of Sicily.

But the Sicilian chocolate turned out to be a complete disappointment for me. I bought 2 chocolate bars: with sea salt and chili pepper. The price of chocolate was quite high – €3.50, but I have never tried chocolate with such a strange texture. Just imagine, you are biting into chocolate, but instead of the cocoa butter beginning to melt in your mouth, it breaks up into separate components: cocoa powder, sugar and something else on your teeth.

P.S. I forgot to tell you. UN Secretary General António Guterres, in his speech before March 8, said that equality between men and women is becoming an increasingly distant goal. To overcome inequality, we need at least another 300 (!!!) years. Well, how do you like the news? How did it happen? It would seem that we can see more and more women among “male professions”, there are more female heroines in cartoons and films. But, — 300 (!) years.


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